Grand Oak
Herb Farm

2877 Miller Rd.
Bancroft, MI 48414


Beulah's Garden, a subsidiary of Grand Oak Herb Farm, is located in rural Shiawassee County near Bancroft, Michigan.

Since 1980 we have offered a one of a kind experience. We strive to create a place where one can alleviate the stress of every day life through a love of sustainable, healthy gardening methods. We started teaching how to live a healthier life by not using harmful chemicals decades before it became popular. For us, sustainable, natural growing has always been a way of life, not a sales pitch.

Touring the farm is part herbal lesson, part horticultural history and part culinary direction.


Our New Line of Teas
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Cranberry Spice

Green tea, cranberries, orange peel, rose hips, spices and vanilla.

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